Diabetes and Pregnancy Class Testimonials

“Thanks so much for creating this Diabetes and Pregnancy class. It adds so much value to our birth work. I thought I knew a lot about diabetes from being your friend, my family history, and doing my own extensive health research. But I learned a lot in your class! It helps that it came from an expert like you. ❤️” -B.B.

Mom with Diabetes from Virginia:

“I need to replicate you out here! I work in the medical field, and your down-to-earth approach, plus referring back to ACOG really helps me feel more comfortable with all of the information. :)”

“This is a fabulous Diabetes and Pregnancy training. I learned so much about how to help clients navigate pregnancy with diabetes. you won’t regret it!” -W.L.

“Great classes for parents with diabetes.” -Husband J.J.

“She is a fantastic teacher. She taught me and my boyfriend essential facts about Diabetes and Pregnancy and how to control my glucose levels during pregnancy and delivery.” -C.L.

” As a doula it means so much to have some specific training in certain areas to best serve our clients. With an upcoming birth I am going to be attending for a sweet mama dealing with gestational diabetes, I was thrilled to find a specific Diabetes and Pregnancy class being offering by Karina Robinson, The Diabetic Doula. Karina is not only knowledgeable and has a great teaching style, but she has lived in diabetes herself and is clearly in charge of her health and well being. Her knowledge her own personal experiences and years serving women as a doula made this Diabetes and Pregnancy class very informative and extremely helpful. I am so glad I spent the time to take this Diabetes and Pregnancy class. It was well with my money as well. I am so happy I have this knowledge to serve my upcoming client and any future clients that may need me to have this information and training as well!” -S.S.

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