Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy Class

Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy Class for Birthing People


All classes are taught in Centerville, Utah or virtually. 

Online classes available.

This type 1 diabetes and pregnancy class is developed and taught by local type 1 diabetic mom, student midwife, doula, and diabetes expert, Karina Robinson. All curriculum is based on circumstances seen and experienced in the Utah birth culture; as well as evidence-based research. This class is designed to provide you with information and direction to empower you while making choices for your pregnancy and birth. Our goal is to help facilitate preparation in order for you have the best chances of a safe and satisfying birth while managing diabetes during pregnancy.

This course includes:

  • Help with type 1 diabetes and pregnancy management
  • Treatments
    • Pros, Cons, and Options
  • Mental and physical preparation
  • Essential type 1 diabetes and pregnancy statistics & facts
  • Lowering your risk factors
  • Options with type 1 diabetes and pregnancy
    • Risks and benefits
  • Choosing the right provider and birthplace
    • Questions to ask
  • Safely avoiding C-sections
  • Common complications and how to avoid them
  • What to expect during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum
  • Preparing for a safe pregnancy and birth
  • Breastfeeding with type 1 diabetes
  • Postpartum
  • Access to resources and support groups
  • Course manual

Call/text to schedule (470) 236-8520

This is not a childbirth education class. We focus exclusively on pregnancy and birth with diabetes. If you need a childbirth education class, please contact us.

Course fees are $150 and required to reserve your spot in our class. 
One reservation includes a space for you and your birthing partner. 
Seating is limited and spots fill up quickly. 
Cancellation is required at least 24 hours in advance so we can fill your spot.

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