“Thanks so much for creating this class. It adds so much value to our birth work. I thought I knew a lot about diabetes from being your friend, my family history, and doing my own extensive health research. But I learned a lot in your class! It helps that it came from an expert like you. ❤️” -B.B.

Mom with Diabetes from Virginia:

“I need to replicate you out here! I work in the medical field, and your down-to-earth approach, plus referring back to ACOG really helps me feel more comfortable with all of the information. :)”

“This is a fabulous training. I learned so much about how to help clients navigate pregnancy with diabetes. you won’t regret it!” -W.L.

“Great classes for parents with diabetes.” -Husband J.J.

“She is a fantastic teacher. She taught me and my boyfriend essential facts about diabetes and how to control my glucose levels during pregnancy and delivery.” -C.L.

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